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Monday, June 25, 2007

Taipei Botanical Garden and Tamsui, Taipei

29th June 2007 - Day 5

1100hrs. Decide to look for this cache (Irken Instalment - N25°01.926 E121°30.585) nearest to our hotel. It's really fun to explore the city.....after 1 hour walking, I see this!! It's gated!!

Walk closer.....I see this!!

The cache located in the GARDEN?! My goodness!!! I told myself I'm in deep deep trouble!! It's not easy to find a cache in the so BIG garden!
Trying my best! But disappointed after an hour search......no sign of the cache!

Went back to hotel with full of disappointment!
While along the way back......

And this.....N25°02.532 E121°30.587

1300hrs, headed to Danshui. (30 minutes ride from Taipei Main Station to Danshui Station)
Explore the famous Danshui Old Street.....

Having our lunch here.....

Walk along the Danshui river side.....

Bali, across the river.

Suddenly something attract my daughter......

The magic jumping!!!

I found out they're cheaters!! 2 women (I think it's from China mainland), trying to cheat......selling some cartoon doll that claim with magic! It's just the string or something that control to dance, sit or sleep....!! What a liar!

The benchmark at Danshui, Taipei.
N25°10.181 E121°26.531

Front view from the BM.

1730hrs. Headed to Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf by bus.
Good information on the bus...

Different feeling while the bus went thru the Danshui town.....20 minutes later, we reached the destination.

And she insist want to take too......

The Valentine Bridge.

According from the local, once you reach Danshui....you cannot miss the beautiful sunset.....

Some performance along the river....

Night view of the Valentine Bridge.

On the way back....

We took our late dinner at Xi men ding after back from Danshui.....

Forgot to take to coordinate cos too hungry.... and it's delicious!!
You can take this photo as reference.... :))

End day 5.

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