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Monday, June 25, 2007

Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market and Xi Men Ting, Taipei

27th June 2007 - Day 3.

Finish our breakfast same place.....(below the hotel)

Again we get into "Ximen station" exit at "Taipei City Hall station", headed to Taipei 101. After we get out of the MRT station, there's a free shuttle bus bring you to & from Taipei 101.

The shuttle bus & Taipei 101

Before entering Taipei 101, I did a survey about this cache "Taipei 101" - N25°02.029 E121°33.939 is just 100 meter beside....so once I settle them in the shopping mall I will find this cache! God know the rain start to pour!! No luck!

See see look look in the shopping mall.....we took our lunch in one of the restaurant over here.....(4th floor)

Then, bought the ticket and fly up to 89th floor of the building to......complete my childhood Superman dream!

View from 89th Floor of Taipei 101
North, south, east & west......all simply shoot!!

The handicraft exhibition at 89th floor.

Walk through this.....reached the souvenir shop.....

This public phone provide Internet service!

It's about 3 hours stuck in Taipei 101 cos of the rain.....so my BH and others are tired and wanted to go back for rest. Left me, bro & sis in-low....we went to the shop which sell the Wintec GPS Bluetooth Logger.
The shop located at Guang Fu Sounth Road (N25°02.796 E121°33.474).

Picture from www.wintec.com.tw

Disappointed after we reach there, no stock! The order list is on queue till August. Goodness! I was surprise that the demand so high!

So I took the photos to prove to 4 of my friend that I step in to that shop, unfortunately no stock!

The lady boss

Then we explore the Zhong Xiao East Road.
Surprise by this shop.....

And found this cheap fruit stall.....

Hmmm......with wawa too....:)
* I mean the one with orange t-shirt

Photos along the road.....

I'm wonder what she doing.....

Again back to hotel for rest......

Night activity will be the Famous & Biggest night market - "Shilin Night Market"

The first thing to do while we reach there.....are the foods! Hawker complex is our first stop.

I almost cannot walk after the dinner at Shilin! (overload!) Explore around the food court for 2 rounds for digestion....and start to explore this big night market.
We spent 3 hours walking but only explore about 30-40% of the night market......wanted to go more, but my legs said "STOP"!

Some interesting photos......

Hardly see this in our area yet, using LCD to sell DVD in the night market.

2345hrs....we caught the last monorail from "Jiantan" to "Taipei Main Station" & run towards the last from "Taipei Main Station" to "Ximen"!!
Wau!! It's FUN to catch the last train!
Same activity again......has some beers to end the Day 3.

28th June 2007 - Day 4

Free and easy for the day......

I went to Chiao Tung Bank (N25°02.540 E121°30.619) at Hengyang road for currency exchange. The money changer at Taipei is different from JB......it's not as easy as JB that you can easily see so many money changer around.....There's only few banks here will have foreign exchange, one of the bank is Chiao Tung Bank.

Some photos around the area......

Hanjhong Street

Then we headed to Zhong Xiao E Road.
Exit at Zhong Xiao Sin Sheng Station, have a walk around Guang Hwa Market (The electronics heaven!).....
Taken our lunch here....somewhere along the small lane.....


Follow by headed to Zhong Xiao E Road by walk along the street.....
It took 30 mins.
Nothing much for guys....but it's shopping heaven for women!

The underground shopping mall at Zhong Xiao E Road....

1700hrs. Finish shopping and went for the closer Famous Soya drink (Recommended by the local). "Shi Hai Soya" (N25°02.452 E121°33.254)

Everything was GOOD! Except the 'Siao Long Pau'!

1830hrs. Han She Hotel

2000hrs. Ximending for Dinner. Simply hop-in to one of the kopitiam around and order this.....

Cuttlefish Soup

Once finish, the women ready to shopping.....and my daughter ready to Rock 'n Roll !!

The shop where they shop more than 3 hours!

Some photos around Xi Men Ding.

End Day 4.

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