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Monday, June 25, 2007

Taipei Trip 2007, 25th - 30th June

Trip report.

Basically it’s rains everyday, a lot of outdoor places we skipped. The itinerary was change and adjusts to suit the weather over there.
The transport information is superb & the foods at Taipei were wonderful!

25th June 2007

flight from Changi Airport, SG.

After 4 hours +.....we reached the north of Taiwan......

On top of Danshui

Danshui River

Reached Taoyuan International Airport around 1310hrs. (N25°04.624 E121°13.929)
Custom clearance

Took a Cab to Han She Hotel (N25°02.567 E121°30.312).....(cost NTW1300 for 7 person, I mean for the taxi fares)

Supposed to check in 1200hrs, but some bad situation make us checked in 1700hrs. But the hotel staff kind enough to let us rest in one temporary room.
Some photos around the hotel area.....

Special brake disc

And......the Wa-Wa....

Having our tea break with relatives from Taipei.....they brought us to a restaurant which is in the basement of Far Eastern Shopping Complex (N25°02.497 E121°30.551). Foods were good! But order too much.....cannot finish all.....

The Restaurant.

And the dishes.....

After the tea break, we went to Ximen MRT Station ( N25°02.531 E121°30.494) to buy our "Yo-Yo card" (TWD500.00 = RM52.52). Basically it's a prepaid MRT card.

By travel with this card, you will get 20% discount from all the fares! :)

Back to hotel, rest till 2000hrs, headed to Jiangzicui Station to look for another old friend of my sis in-law. in less than 5 minutes, we reached Jiangzicui Station (N25°01.790 E121°28.343) and walk across the road to"Feng Hwa Restaurant".(N25°01.740 E121°28.411) which they are waiting......

Also order too much, cannot finish it.......

I took some photos surrounding of the restaurant......

The night view of Jiangzicui street.....

After the dinner, we went back to Hotel for rest and ready for Day 2.

I & my brother in-law went to the convenience store beside to get some "Taiwan Beer" and enjoy ourselves along the street of XimenDing.
Just thinking that how nice if Jaguar is around....

End of Day 1.

Day 2 - 26th June 2007

Finish our breakfast here.....(below the hotel)

Get into "Ximen Station" to "Long San Station" & headed to Long San Temple (N25°02.207 E121°29.985). - The Historical Temple

The Long San Station

The building surround.....

Before the temple, we were caught into this shop......because of some cheap stuff.

I got this for geocaching......(TWD20.00)

Shop till noon, took our lunch opposite.......


The mee-hoon & the dishes were YUMMY!!

Attracted by this antique shop just next to it......

Then......Long San Temple

The entrance of the temple....

The beautiful waterfall at the side......

Spotted this wawa......(white behind)

While on the way back, my daughter found this indication light.....and so happy to dance on it!!

Daddy, I am so happy to have my pen & book!!!

We went back to Hotel around 1630hrs, take a rest and planning to have our dinner which recommended by "Turbosnail" - "Stinky Tofu" at Gongguan night market. (N24°59.222 E121°31.880)

1930hrs, took MRT from Ximen to Gongguan Station.....
Some photos along the night market.....

Suddenly I smell something very strong come from in front of us!! I told myself....I FOUND IT!!!

This is the ONE!!

Get inside the stall, order whatever the store selling......the superb spicy chili sauce is the BEST!!! (Who say Taiwan chili not spicy enough??!)
I had double of the Stinky Tofu!! Wonderful!!
(Stinky Tofu a.k.a. Chinese cheese)

Oyster mee-sua (vermicelli)

Ooooppsss! Too late! "Tien Pu Rak" (Direct translate - Sweet but not spicy)

As usual, after dinner the women went for shopping! I snap some photos around Gongguan Night Market.....


I ask her to smile, she turn away!!

We got back to hotel around 2330hrs. Same as usual, buy some Taiwan Beer and end my Day 2.

Taipei Trip
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