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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plentong River, Johor Bahru

Almost the estuary of the river, meet up with Pandan River.......
There's residential area beside this river, if I'm not mistaken......Bayu Tebrau Apartment.

Many peoples love to fishing along this river during weekend.

For me, it's just another 'nature beauty' (exclude the rubbish!). You will feel calm & peaceful over here, I just took out my portable chair and find a place below tree.....relax & enjoy the scenery.
After a week frustrated work, it's a good idea that you can bring your family for short picnic. Hopefully the local authority will do something here for a 'Clean' and beautiful river bank of Plentong.
This river also given a lot of inconvenience to the residents at Plentong during the Flood last year in Johor. It swipes away everything and has make many families homeless!
The nature has a beauty and also ugly, it's depends how humans manage it......


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