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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dinner at Restaurant Asli, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru

It's located at the Kg. Sg. Temon Baru a.k.a. Perling Seafood Village (N1°27.634' E103 °42.298') Tel : 012-7759632
We reached the restaurant around 6:30pm, it's already 40% occupied! We assume the seafood must be delicious!!

Spotted the river cruise boat form Danga Bay
We really enjoyed the view over here, especially the 'Sunset'.

Our orders :-
* Vegetables
* Toufu soup
* Butter prawn
* Sea shell
* Black Pepper Crab
* Steam Fish
For 8 adults & 5 children.......

Live Seafood

Our foods serve in 15 minutes, hmm....quite fast. The restaurant almost 90% occupied during that time.
100% FULL! Can you imagine that?

Comments on the seafood
* Sea Shell - seems like not really fresh (about 30%), we were surprise because of the 'Live' seafood.

* Black Pepper Crab - too 'Oily'.
* Fish - fresh & nice.

* Butter prawn - above average.
* Vege - good.
* Toufu soup - average.

The total Damage was - MYR190.00.
Surprisingly cheap!! I mean for 8 adults & 5 children meals.

There are another 3 restaurants around that area, but I wonder why 'Zero' customer when we finish our dinner. Don't tell me they are worst than this restaurant I visited?

Even though the foods wasn't perfect, but the scenic view around that area worth visit!

Kids playing around......

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