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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hidden Chinese Temple at Bkt. Gambir, Muar Johor

Tien Yun Temple located at Bkt. Gambir.

Main Entrance

As usual, the Bodyguard of the temple

I was follows my brother in-law to this new temple (just build not too long ago), too bad I forgot to bring my GPS to log down the coordinates. Because it's located inside a deserted area, there is no proper tar road access to it. The entrance of the road is at somewhere along the Seng Kang Road, which is not far away from the junction....if you are come from Bkt. Gambir town.
Along the laterite road, you can see the navigate signage everywhere until the temple.

Just feel like a hidden temple.

I snap some photos for sharing......

The Main Deities of the temple

On the left side, the man made beautiful pond.....

Just opposite the temple, there's a 30 meter tall "Kuan Yin" statue.

The Deity located at the left outside the temple

Behind the pavilion above, you can see one row of the Deities represent the Chinese Zodiac.

I will get the GPS Coordinates next time I visit it.

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