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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Restaurant Ahmad Khan, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru.

Restaurant Ahmad Khan located at Jalan Permas 9/7, Permas Jaya. (N1°29.842' E103°49.554')
I am one of the regular customer for this 24 hours restaurant. The environment here is pretty clean, if compare with others mamak shop around JB.
Foods are average, but the roti canai is good!

This is the First mamak shop at Permas Jaya provided free Wifi services. Also the first mamak shop at Johor Bahru provide Air-con non-smoking area for family or non-smokers. Most of the tables which loacted close to the wall or pillar are provided with the AC230V power socket for notebook users. (Charges is MYR0.50 per hour)

As you can see from above....there are also many customers sit across the road.

I'm usually visit here during night time. Last night was pack with notebook and others gadgets around this mamak shop! It was too crowded! So, because of my curiosity.....I try to see what they do on their notebook computer.....
What i got here :-
* Working with bunch of documents beside.......(looks like insurance agent)
* Checking email.
* Chatting....
* Me? blogging.....
* Watching youtube short clips
* Play online game with their PSP.
* Scanning through his/her photo album
You can see the above normal situations happen at most of the Wifi area.....

PSP online gamers.....(please don't misunderstand, err....we are not gay.....)

Another different category below :-
* Bring their notebook computer, plug-in the power......watching DVD movies!!!
Friends, you 'DID' it!! I already notice that you OWN a ACER Notebook Computer! And I believe the others customer also feel the same.
Start A blog to let the world know that you OWN a computer and show off that IT can play my DVD movie!
And last advise from me, your volume was TOO loud and disturb others customer beside you!

Beside this, it's worth visit this restaurant..... :)


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