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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Estuary of Danga River (Sg. Danga), Johor Bahru

This place where I'm standing (N1°28.905' E103°42.737') is located at the back of the Danga View Apartment. It's also just beside Danga Bay of Johor Bahru.

There's a new bridge under construction now at the place I took this pictures. Once it's ready, the road from Danga Bay will be connect to the Iskandar Malaysia Development at Gelang Patah. The bridge will really cut down the traveling time from JB town to Gelang Patah.

Opposite of Danga Bay

Facing south, behind the trees.....there's Singapore.

The purpose of visiting this area is to capture some nice photos before the nature GONE. You can see from the pictures, it's really calm & peaceful for the moment....hmm...will all this beautiful scene remain after the bridge complete or gone forever....?!


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