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Monday, November 17, 2008

Riverside Restaurant, Kota Tinggi, Johor

After the Mount Panti hiking, all of us were hunger for foods!!
Not waste our time, we headed to this Riverside Seafood Restaurant (N1°43.563' E103°54.720') at Kota Tinggi for our lunch.
The Restaurant located along the Kota Tinggi bypass expressway.

On the signage, the restaurant also provided boat trip for the Firefly watching.
Foods are ordered by our leader, and we only wait.....most of us finish '2' cans of '100 Plus' before the foods serve.

The dishes of our lunch were :-
1) Fish Head Soup
2) Wild boar cooked with ginger
3) Hot plate Tou-fu
4) Vege cooked with Balacan
5) Omelette

All I can say......the Fish Head Soup was Superb!!!
You got to try it if you happen to be here. Good recommendation from our leader. Others are above average.

My apologies for not taking any photos, because I was too hungary!

The total the damage : MYR25.00 per adult. Children - Free!
I rated : 4/5 (Especially the soup)

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