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Monday, December 22, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair 19th-21th December 2008, Johor Bahru

The event was held at Persada Johor (Johor International Convention Center).
I visited the Fair on Saturday (20th Dec). The area was really packed of peoples because there was another event (Motor Show 2008) running at the same time. It's took me almost 45 minutes to get a parking lot which is 500 meter away from Persada Johor. Both site of the road was full of cars parking along and it's make the traffic worst at that time! But, that's the atmosphere everyone Love to see....crowded!

It's a good bargain and also it's a price war everytime. Peoples willing to hold their money and spend it during the PC Fair, me too! But when I step in to the hall, I know I cannot do my shopping as normal. There were thousand of visitors squeeze inside the hall like in a sardine can! Haha!

I manage to meet my friend and told him the items I need, then just walk around for 10 minutes and escape from the crowded place....

The prices I remember :-

1) 2GB Thumb Drive - MYR15.00
2) 4GB Thumb Drive - MYR23.00
3) 160GB Hard Disk Drive - MYR165.00
4) 3G USB Modem - MYR380.00
5) Canon Mono Laser Printer - MYR199.00
6) Garmin Nuvi 200W - MYR899.00
7) China made Garmin imitation - MYR499.00 (Running on Garmin Mobile XT)

I noticed all the major brands Sub-notebook computers were display everywhere in the hall. And beside the main hall, there were war between the 3G and Wireless Broadband Telco....Celcom, Maxis & P1.

After the fair, I walked down the Lower Ground floor for the Motor Show 2008. But it was actually a Motor Sales, not show! Disappointed! Proton, Hyundai, Toyota....promoting their car.....

Take a break at the coffee shop opposite Persada Johor, then....back home.

* Sorry for no photos taken, because there are nothing new....


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