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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sam Kee BBQ Place, Kluang - Johor

Sam Kee BBQ Place (N2°01.556' E103°19.208')
We keep asking around the peoples about this place at the BCB Plaza. Fortunately, there were 2 helpful women guide us to the location. They even told the cab driver how to go to the restaurant, thanks you very much! (Kluang peoples are really friendly!!)

It's took us 5-10 minutes to reach. The restaurant is located less than 2KM from the Bus Terminal, along the street named - Jalan Lambak.

Opposite to Chinese Association and Chinese School Hall.

The queue was long while we reached. Nothing can stop us for seduction the Roasted Pork & BBQ Pork, so we queued. It's took us at least 30 minutes to get our foods!

Queue of the day!

The Roasted & BBQ Pork

I think the kids were hungry than us, because they stop talking again! I was wondering about their expression...they were either too hungry or the foods were too Good for them!

The BBQ Pork

The Roasted Pork

The temptation was too strong for me to wait until the kids finish, so I took a piece of the BBQ & Roasted Pork from my daughter plate! It's good and delicious!! No wonder they claim the BEST in Kluang! You need to taste it if you are happen in Kluang. (No matter you are hungry or not!)

We spent around one hour at the restaurant, after everyone had enough and satisfy with the foods....we bought some of it back. One kilogram of each is less than MYR35.00. It's cheap!
Then we are ready to catch the bus back to Johor Bahru...

While we reached the Bus Terminal, the time was exactly 2.00pm. That means we still have 30 minutes to go....
Therefore I and Kenny have another drink on the first level food court before we say 'bye bye' to Kluang.

The food court at the First Level of Kluang Bus Terminal

Then we jumped up to the Orkid Express Bus and 'Bye' to Kluang. The journey back to Johor Bahru took about 1 hour.

Orkid Express Bus

The Bus reached JB around 3.30pm and the bus driver drop us at the bus station of Skudai Parade, then my nephew gave us a free ride to Kempas Railway Station.
Before we drive back, Kenny bought all the Curry-Puff from the Canteen beside the Kempas Station! Haha!

We really enjoyed this 'Backpacker' Trip!

The Roasted Pork were still crispy after 4 hours back from Kluang.

Kluang Day Trip 4th JAN 2009 :-
Kempas Railway Station (KTM), Johor Bahru

* Kluang Railway Station Coffee, Johor
* Kluang Fire Department, Johor.
* Kluang Bus Terminal, Johor


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