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Saturday, February 21, 2009

International Kite Festival 2009 - Pasir Gudang, Johor.

This year the International Kite Festival fall on 17th FEB - 22nd FEB 2009.
There are total 26 countries participate and more than 200 contestants.

I visited the Bukit Layang-Layang (Kite Hill) (N1°28.552' E103°54.254') on the forth day, to avoid the crowded situation at the weekend.

Quite lucky that, the place were not the pack! Many parking lots available. That time was 5pm.

There were many stalls selling souvenirs and also 'Kite'. The price for one kite (MYR2.00) was rather cheap!

Dry Flowers Stall

Kite Stall. That guy was promoting his kite...

The Kite Museum and the unique roof top design.

Beside that, all those famous fast food stall also heavily promoting their foods! Like KFC, Pizza Hut and others...

The Chick happily walking around...

There's also the kid ATV and Pocket bike for rental. MYR10.00 for 15 minutes.

So, let's see what we have here!

Sky Actions
It was a windy day!
This is the only time where all the Fishes and others sea creatures are allow to Fly on the sky, not swimming anymore!

Beautiful Stingray and friend...

Giant Octopus

This is Group Performance.

This Tiger (I think so...) is about to raise....

Even the Fast food also on the sky?!

Kites were everywhere...

The Poor Crocodile stuck on the lamp pole...

Giant Frog

Cheese cake? Or Ice Cream?

Giant Dragonfly??!!

The owner of the Dragonfly and the pros beside...

If there's a up, there's a down...

Ground Actions

The little girl and her little kite...

MMHE's Kite spotted!

Is this a 'Kite'??

Seems like my kite doesn't listen to me anymore...

All the Lady birds are waiting for performance!

Photos under the tent

The Japan Team

The German Team

The Korea Team

The Tailand, Singapore, Malaysia and German Team

Let me have a nap, hopefully my kite is still there when I wake up...

No matter how....I gonna make my baby fly!

The China Team and the Tianjin Power Kite Club

During that time, I manage to watch the Performance from Mr Ron of America.
Once the music started, Mr Ron and his kite dance together at the middle of the field.

Mr Ron dancing on the field

The purple kite from Mr Ron disturb by the monster...

Others photos

The temporary Toilet

Flags of all the countries

Too bad the ladies team from China start to perform after I left the Kite Hill....I miss the show...

The Ladies Team from China. The 13 states of Malaysia Kite at the back...


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