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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Macroview Care Centre, Taman Daya - Johor Bahru.

I was invited for the Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival 2008 of the Child Care Centre. It was my pleasure, and I love to see many kids having their enjoyment of the night. Beside the buffet dinner, there were also many good performances done by the children and teachers.

All parents are invited to the event, children were really having their fun over here!

The teachers and children were preparing the performance of the night.

Foods was provided for everyone...

The Decorated Stage

While during everyone have their dinner, the shows started...

Kids are waiting for their performance...

The singing show of the night, the Idol of tomorrow!

admiring the show...

Encouragement for the good student

When the night fall, more and more parents and kids surround the center. The atmosphere was really enjoying! That's also bring up the performance to another level...

Crowded and joyful!

The young magician of tomorrow!

The Father and Son! Great Performance!!

The son...

The father

Here come the Rock Star! Performing the "Black Magic Women"
He Rocks the night!

The teenage above still with this centre, The Centre will accept those students even after 11 years old if they are grow together with the centre since they are young.

Another special show was on not too long after that, it was call "Butterfly in the Dark"

Butterfly in the Dark

When I turn my flash ON, you will see their smiling faces!

The Big group show

And the BEST Performance of the night! Diabolo

I was honour enough to have a chat with the Principal of the Center - Mr Tan. From our conversation, I understand the history and the purpose of the childcare center.

"This child care center started on year 2003. During that time, they only have One student and One teacher. They had gone through the hard time and today the center has 8 teachers and more than 60 students. The age of the children are between 3 years old to 11 years old."

"The main purpose of center is to guide and train the children Attitude and Emotional Quality (EQ). This is different from other childcare where most of them are concern about the Intelligent Quality (IQ). The kids over here will learn how to behave well and have a good attitude for their future. The subjects they provide are mostly out of the school books. I was impressed especially most of the kids are so independent! Unlike the children of my friends I meet before. With the well established reputations, more and more parents are aware and benefits directly of the important of their children Attitude & Emotional Quality."

As far as I understand, this is the First Childcare Center in Johor Bahru providing different guidance to the children, and also the only one for the moment.

When almost the end of the event, the children took out their candles and started the Chinese Tradition - Light Up the Candles. (I called this - Peace!)


The laughter and the happiness of the children end the Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival 2008 of Macroview Child Care Center.

The Center is located at the corner lot of Jalan Nibong 48, Taman Daya. Just opposite the school.

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