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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leisure World Cruise, Johor

Leisure World Cruise also known as Gambling Cruise. The cruise belong to New Century Tours Corporation Pte Ltd of Singapore. You can read more about the company here.

Some information of the Cruise :-
Year built : 1969
Gross Tonnage : 15,663
Net Tonnage : 6,882
Length Overall : 160.5 meters
Flag : Tuvalu
Ttl Pax & Crew : 1,252
Speed : 16 knots

You can get on the cruise from Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal. The story below is from my friend Mr Kenny who visited the Cruise on weekend of May 2009.

The cost per person is MYR50.00 (Inclusive meal). And the cabin for 2-4 person was MYR140.00 (weekend rate). He got on the ferry from Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal about 1745hrs. (there was a temperature check before on board)

The temperature check at Pasir Gudang Ferry Teminal

The ticket of Leisure World Cruise

The passage way to proceed to the Ferry...

The Ferry

The ferry also take passenger from Pasir Gudang to Batam and other part of Indonesia.

The beautiful sunset before the ferry reach the Cruise

The ferry took 1.5 hours to reach the Leisure World Cruise which is station at (N01°13.768' E104°07.768'). Which is about 21KM away from East Coast Park of Singapore and 5.2KM away from Tanjung Bulu of Batam Island - Indonesia. But the Cruise will move around after everyone onboard...

Leisure World Cruise

Once you step into the cruise, you will reach the Registeration Counter. Then you proceed to the Check-in counter...

Registeration Counter

Check-In Counter (For those who take the cabin)

Once everthing settle, everyone will proceed to the restaurant for dinner. According to Kenny, the foods was as good as (or better than) 3 star hotel buffet.

The activities started after every customers finish their dinner....some go to the pub or lounge for drink and watching the show....most of them go into the Casino! After all, it's a Gambling Cruise.

Kenny went to the pub enjoy his Ice cold beer! The beer price was SGD16.00 per jug. He told me he had 3 jug of it!

Some of the them came with family, but the environment is BAD for children and pregnant lady! Because peoples are smoking everywhere even in air-con area! Hope they will improve one day...

Advises from Kenny....Just Breakaway from City Life, enjoy the sea breeze and had a joyful night, that's good enough & justify for the cost he paid. Don't expect high standard with luxury environment provided, after all....it's a Gambling Cruise.

The entertainment show at the lounge

The pub he spent his night on the cruise

On the next day, after breakfast....it's time for you to walk around the cruise. Beside that, you will be advise to enjoy the strong sea breeze on the deck.

By the time about 5pm, it's time for you to say goodbye to the cruise....the ferry will fetch you from the cruise back to Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal...

The above story and photos are provided by Mr Kenny Koh. Thanks.

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