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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands, Pahang

"The forests of the high mountains of Cameron Highlands are able to strip moisture from the clouds, hence referred to as ‘’cloud-forests’’ or ‘’mossy-forests’’.
Here the general appearance of the forest trees tends to be dwarfed to about 10m tall.
There are also large numbers of mosses, liverworts, ferns and fern allies, as well as, pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids associated with these forests.

These forests are often likened by the locals to the mystic forest of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and believed to be the final resting places for the death souls!!!

In this part of the world, the mountains are a place of great reverence and wonder. A stay at Cameron Highlands will not be complete without visiting these forests which can only be found at the peak of Mount Brinchang.- Gerard Richard" Source from Cameron Secret.

My friends (Freddy & gangs) were visit this fantasy forest last month. They drove up to Cameron Highlands and had a 3 days 2 night vacation. I remind him to visit this wonderful nature of Mount Brinchang. He told me, even a normal car (No need 4WD vehicle) can drive directly to the forest now.

The location :-
Assume you are from the direction of the junction of Equatorial Hotel, Brinchang.
About 476 meter from the junction of Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands, you reach the road direct you to the Forest. Turn left and drive another 1.9KM, you reach the 'T' junction, turn left again and drive 4KM towards West....you reach the entrance of the Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands. (N4°31.453' E101°22.912')

Entrance of Mossy Forest

After the staircase, you enjoy the Moss surround you...

Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands

Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands

Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands

There is one Lookout Tower about 700 meter away from the Mossy Forest and it's also almost the end of the trail. Once you climb up the tower, you will amaze of the Magnificient of Mount Brinchang!

View from the Brinchang Tower -1.

View from the Brinchang Tower -2.

View from the Brinchang Tower -3.

Another write-up of the forest :-
Mossy Forest is an upper mountain forest, located at the very peak of Cameron Highlands. At 2032 metres above sea level, the mouth of the forest is accessible by road from Brinchang and is the gateway to Mount Irau in Perak. Mossy forest is beautiful and is often described as a fantasy forest, completely covered in moss, with low hanging moss and a haunting aura. Several outdoor scenes from the 2005 Malay blockbuster Puteri Gunung Ledang was filmed here, along with a string of other local advertisements." Source from Virtual Malaysia.

Contact Info:
Batu Gangan Forest Reserve,
Mount Brinchang,
Cameron Highlands,

Visit it if you are having a vacation on Cameron Highlands. This is ONE of the highlands secret!

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