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Sunday, July 19, 2009

MATTA Fair (2009) at The Zon, Johor Bahru

Visited the MATTA Fair (Travel Fair) at The Zon (N1°28.253' E103°46.980'), Johor Bahru. The event is located at the Zon Regency Hotel 6th Floor.
Entrance fee was MYR3.00 per person and children below 12 years old is free. Free gift 1) Pen, 2) Recycle Bag, 3) 3 small bottles of mineral water.

Entrance Fee : MYR3.00

Many booths at the main hall including the Major Travel Agency. It was not really crowded, and it's easy for us to move around. (Unlike the PC Fair). If you want to collect the Bag & the Mineral water, you need to goto the second hall which is not far away from the main hall.

I noticed there were many Bank promoting their Credit Card at the fair, and makes me feel like a "Credit Card Fair" rather than Travel Fair. Sometime, really feel annoying about the sale person approach! Beside that, Time Sharing Company also had the heavy promotion. Another area we need to avoid it.

After all, the travel package promoted at the fair was not really attractive! It's just like they promote it from the newspaper. Some booth not even wanna entertain you when approaching the booth....like A'Farmosa. Surprisingly, I didn't see any booth from Airline, except Firefly.

My main purpose was actually get the contact from the fair to easy my future travel planning. One of it was Malaysia National Park.

Again, no attractive package to offer...

We were trying to search for the Best package to Sabah, but...disappointed. There was just a normal package available, that you can get it anytime along the year.
Anyway, I found it's good to get most of the local contact for Resort and Hotel. Especially for us, who love to travel locally very often...


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