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Monday, July 06, 2009

New Storey Restaurant at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

New Storey Restaurant (N1°28.700' E103°46.508') is located at Jalan Sri Pelangi which is opposite the hawker center and beside a budget hotel, same row with Hong Leong Bank, Taman Pelangi.

I had been follow this restaurant since 1994. Initially it's located at Jalan Storey (N1°28.220' E103°45.806'), then it swiftted to Jalan Perang of Taman Pelangi (N1°28.922' E103°46.468') and it move again to this new location as mention above.

What I really love about this restaurant is the Fried Chicken, Black Pepper Crab & the Fried Dry Mee-hoon. (Some said other place is better, but I just like this...)

We were having our 'Father's Day' dinner at this restaurant.

Our Order : -
1) Fried Mee-hoon
2) Fried Chicken (Signature Dish)
3) Kampung Chicken (Less fat)
4) Tou-fu with mince pork
5) Jelly Fish
6) Fried Squids
7) Vegetables

Fried Mee-hoon

Fried Chicken - Signature Dish

Kampung Chicken

Tou-Fu with mince pork

Jelly Fish

Fried Squids (Sotong)


All foods are good!! We finish all within 30 minutes....everyone satisfied with it. We had double of the Fried Mee-hoon and Fried Chicken.
No crab for the night because some of us don't really love it...but not me! :)

empty plates after 30 minutes...

Total Damage : MYR170.00 for 8 adults & 4 children. It's cheap!

Give a try if you happen to be that area...and don't forget to order the Black Pepper Crab.

Photos of another visit on December of 2009

Sweet and Spicy Clams

Deep Fried Skinny Fish

Their foods quality maintain very well! Our common foods is the Dry Mee-Hoon and the Fried Chicken, the taste very consistent and Good!

Map Location of New Storey Restaurant at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

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