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Monday, August 31, 2009

Stalls at Jonker Street Night Market, Malacca (Melaka)

The photos in this post are the familiar stalls & shops you will see them every time you visit Jonker Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat) night market at Malacca.
The crowded Jonker Street night market is available on every Friday, Saturday. Sunday & Public Holiday. The culture is unique and created chances for us to visit and for others to survive.

Crowded as normal...

The Masks are fashion!

Don't be surprise, they are selling swords too!

I love to see the way they way did it! It's a good souvenir!

The top left : Geographer Cafe (I can't stop myself to snap on the colonial structure everytime I pass by....
The bottom left : This shop selling many handicraft ship (I bought one Portugal War Ship from here)

Bottom left : She was demo & explain how the 'Magic' Umbrella works.

History photos, just like a Time Machine when you look at it.

Colourful Sandals & Slippers.

Beside the stalls above selling those unique items, there are also some local foods stalls available along the Jonker Street. Below are some of the photos...

Top left : Famous 'Knock-knock' Candy. You can hear the knocking sound even 150 meters away. It's located close to Geographer Cafe.

There is one very old building which is the Hokkien Association (Hokkien Huay Kuan in Hokkien dialect) located somewhere along the street. I love to see the architecture slowly every time I walk pass. This building has a Karaoke session for the seniors during the night.

The audiences and performers of the night.

Almost at the end of the street, there are some outdoor performance by senior to entertain the visitors and tourist of the night market.

The performers on the stage...

The audiences...

We parked our car just opposite the Fire Station for MYR3.00 per entry. When we wanna leave, there was alarm trigger and the Fire Brigade on ACTION!!

The night market will close on 12 midnight. The stalls will pack everything and the street will be silent after 1am.....

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