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Friday, November 06, 2009

Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival at Macroview Care Centre

9th October 2009

As usual, the Macroview Care Centre had their yearly event - Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival. I will definitely won't miss this opportunity to capture the Happy Faces from the centre.

The respond from the parents were much better than previous year! Most of them came with their cameras to capture the great moment of their children.

Before the 'Show' start, everyone were busy to fill up their stomach. Foods provided by the centre and parents of the children with sincere commitment to the event A success!

The Principal cum 'DJ' of the night

And the kids were started to had some warm up exercise...

The audience of the night

The party started almost 7pm! The four young and talented MC announce the performances of the night.

He is also one of the best singer in the centre.

The decoration of the stage

Prizes for the children

This year the centre added more performance like below...

The Piano performance

The Pianist of Tomorrow!

The whole centre was quite down, because of the attractive beautiful rhythm. Everyone were so concentrate on the music...

That also prove the effort of all the teachers. Their satisfaction show with A Smile like the photo below...

The satisfaction only come after the hardwork...

Follow by the "Father & Son" performance! Same as last year. But this year, more peoples join in...

The 'Er-Hu', Violin & Piano perform together

The Solo of the master of 'Er-Hu'.

Group performance was great! They were performing The Shower Dance!

Before continue of other performance, all the teachers received the encouragement awards from the Centre.

The Teachers of the Centre

Slowly...the cute faces were entering the stage for their singing and dancing session...

These are the youngest group of the centre (above & below)

Singing session - The Best singer (left) and the girls group (right)

Group performance

Some photos of the Lovely teachers...

The moment they waited for so long, to have a break and enjoy their hardwork over the centre.

Almost about 2 hours later, here come the Rock Star where everyone were waiting desperately! His name is - Marc who is good in electric guitar.

He played 3 Rock numbers for that night.

The event was end with the Peaceful candles everywhere at the garden. And I noticed some of the parents also join their kids to 'Light' up the candles! PEACE!

This is the Mid Autumn Festival all about...

The joyful and the laughter of the children ended the show of the night! See you next year again!

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