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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pangkor Seafood Village at Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Pangkor Seafood Village (N3°06.876' E101°36.762') located at Jalan SS24/8 of Petaling Jaya, which is opposite of Fatty Crab Restaurant.
Our initial plan was Fatty Crab, too bad it was close that day! So we just had our dinner opposite before we left Kuala Lumpur.

Pangkor Seafood Village of Petaling Jaya

Another reason which attracted us was this banner below... :)

Crab promotion - Eat 2 free 1!

We were there about 6pm, it was not crowded yet. The restaurant was quite clean...

Since this was our first time here, we let the waitress to recommend the foods...whatever she mentioned, we just OK.

Our order as below :-
1) Deep Fried Tou-Fu (Signature Dish)
2) Assam Fish Head
3) Honey Chicken
4) Vegetable
5) Kam-Heong Crab (Signature Dish)

Deep Fried Tou-Fu comes with special sauce

Assam Fish Head

Honey Chicken


Kam-Heong Crab (Signature Dish)
Ordered 2KG free 1KG, look at it! Like a small hill!

Overall the foods were great! Especially the Assam Fish Head, we Love it very much! Taste was different from Muar Assam Fish - Merlin Restaurant and Malacca (Melaka) Assam Fish - Bei Zhan Restaurant. Special!
The rest of the foods we rated above average, but...I just felt the crabs taste just ok...average. But the quantity was scary!! Haha! (We ordered 2KG, and 1KG free cos of the promotion)
We spent about an hour to slowly finished all the Crabs.

The total Damage was MYR155.00 included drinks. (For 6 adults and 2 children). Very reasonable! The crabs cost us MYR65.00.

Overall rated : 4/5

We enjoyed the meal here...
Anyway, it's just because of Fatty Crab Restaurant was close, unexpectedly we tasted another Great Assam Fish at Petaling Jaya! I will still come back for Fatty Crab for another comparison. :)

Location map of Pangkor Seafood Village at Petaling Jaya


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