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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jawa Mee & Char Kuey Tiaw at Jin Shan (金山) Kopitiam, Butterworth

Jin Shan (金山) Kopitiam (N5 24.851 E100 23.079) is located Taman Bagan, Butterworth - Penang Mainland. This is one of my favorite kopitiam at Butterworth which I will visit it every time...

The foods here are not Very good but most of them are above average. There are many stalls selling the authentic Penang foods. One of my favorite food is Jawa Mee (Noodle).

Jawa Mee, or Mee Jawa, is a Penang Nyonya-inspired noodle soup. Despite its name, Jawa Mee has its origin in the Peranakan kitchen far and away from Jawa. The type of Jawa Mee sold by hawkers has the noodle swimming in a transparent tomato-based gravy. It is topped with boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, one or two prawns, fritters, slices of beancurd, a sprinkling of fried grounded peanuts, and chilli paste to taste. Source from here.

Jawa Mee of Butterworth

It's very difficult to find a decent Jawa Mee at Johor Bahru area, most of the hawkers at JB are not really know what is 'Jawa Mee' and they normally sell 'Mee Rebus' to imitate this famous food of Penang!

Friends told me that there is another stall located along Jalan Raja Uda which is famous of the Jawa Mee, but I am not able to taste it in this trip. The Jawa Mee served in this kopitiam was above average, and I love to have it at least Once when I visit Butterworth.
Rated : 3.5/5

Char Kuey Tiaw of Jin Shan Kopitiam
Another famous food I ordered is Char Kuey Tiaw (Fried rice noodle) which is also very famous in Penang. Same as the noodle above, taste average.
Rated : 3/5

If you happen to pass by this kopitiam, don't mind to have a try on variety of Penang foods which serve here. It might not the best, but at least temporary ease your temptation of the delicious Penang Food! :)

Location of Jin Shan Kopitiam

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