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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Experience the Bellevue Hotel at Penang Hill, Penang

We visited this hotel last year during Chinese New Year, and we came and stayed one night in this hotel during this year Chinese New Year 2010. We made the reservation through phone before the Chinese New Year, and realize about this Bellevue Hotel is seldom fully book even during the peak season.
This building was built in the year of 1950's, the age now is more than 60 years. So it makes you feel like walking in a Time Machine! Most of the furniture and decorations will let you feel like back to 1950's...and this building it's belong to Datuk Lim Chong Keat.

There are total of 12 rooms only in the Bellevue Hotel at Penang Hill. It was only 3 rooms occupied during our stayed. My brother took a twin sharing room and I took the family room which is cost us MYR150.00 (Twin sharing) and MYR180.00 (Family room) + 10% tax. The rates was really reasonable during the Super Peak season and the rooms were spacious!

You can see the photos below for the two type of room...

The Standard Room (1 double bed) :-

 Small living hall just opposite the queen bed

The Family room ( 3 single beds):-

 The Third bed was located in another small room between the family room.

Both rooms have the same setup of the bathroom. Both are equipped with bath tub. The ONLY comment I have is the stains in the bathroom. I understand because of Old building but hopefully the management will clean it to let others hotel guest feel more comfort.

The bathroom

The plain water which serve in both hotel rooms was filled in wine bottle! This is something really unique! I like it very much!

Unique switch from the room
Both rooms also decorated with this type of pictures. Even at the corridor...

Follow the corridor (below), it will lead you to the restaurant and relax area.

The Corridor
 The restaurant is separated into two session, indoor and outdoor. The photo below is the indoor session, and I will show you the outdoor session on our dinner post later...

Relax corner where you can order some soft drink and enjoy the TV show
I was attracted by some of the antiques which were display at the restaurant area...and I believe all these are belong to the British Era...

The Charcoal Bread Toaster (correct me if I'm wrong)

Some kind of Chair for the British VIP

Containers for food or drink
Follow by the outdoor session for the restaurant. Most of the guest will like the outdoor area more. Because of the Fresh air and the Magnificent view of Georgetown, Penang.

Suddenly, I was shocked by the notice on the table! "SNAKE ABOVE" "Beware and Keep Clear" !! Oh NO! I recall what foongpc told me before on my previous post of Bellevue Hotel. And there was One green snake Exactly on top of us!!

Snake at the Outdoor Session of the Restaurant
According to the staff from the hotel, the snake won't disturb the customers and customers also shouldn't disturb the snake! So we let it rest on top of us and we just continue enjoy the scenic view of Georgetown - Penang.

We were really LOVE this small field area and also one of the attraction from the Hotel.

View of Georgetown and Butterworth at Mainland

Tanjung Tokong area also visible from the hotel

After the row of Green Chair (from the pic above), there is another session for event.

Beside the small field, I discovered this hidden session which looks like a canteen. Maybe it's a dining area for the staffs...

And the hidden kitchen of the restaurant is located on the right of the outdoor session...

Overall, we were satisfied with the hotel environment, the friendly staffs and their attitude. It's worth it to put a night or two on the Penang Hill, or you may wanna escape from the hot temperature of Penang Island!

Rated : 4/5

After we settle everything in the hotel, we began to walk around Penang Hill (day 1), and so our stories continue...

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