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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bellevue Aviary Garden at Penang Hill, Penang

Most of the staffs at Bellevue Hotel were continue invited us to the Bellevue Aviary Garden located just another 100 meter away from the hotel. So I decided to have some excitement for my daughter since she love small animal.

The entrance fee for this bird park are MYR5.00 for adult and MYR3.00 for children. Open daily from 9am - 6pm. Hotel guests will have free entrance.

My daughter curiously asking the name of the snake from the uncle.

Once you stepped in, the area was Full of Green! I love it very much!

Many birds are available here, of course you don't compare with the size of Bird Park around Malaysia. I noticed they really well taking care of the birds here because of the colour...or partly because of the weather too? :)

Parrots and some un-known birds
But I was wondering, why they didn't put a signage of the name for the birds and their type? It's good to let the visitors know more about the birds around...

The Hornbill

There were many type of parrots available here, and they are colourful too! One of the parrots continue greets us with the word :"HELLO!". So my daughter was anxiously looking for the bird who can speak....end up, we found a huge blue parrot which was in the last cage in the row...

Big Blue Parrot

The claws

Surprisingly, it wanted to shake-hand with us!! But it's not advisable because of the sharp claws.

We were hang around the park for more than an hour, walking around and enjoy the birds singing...there's also a small hall within the bird park for meeting and conference purpose.

Please do not pick the flowers in the park!
We had our evening walk along the area after came out from the park...once it getting dark, we were back to the hotel to enjoy our dinner at the elevation of 720 meters above sea levels...

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