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Friday, March 05, 2010

Dinner at Bellevue Hotel of Penang Hill, Penang.

We were having our (day 1) dinner at Restaurant of Bellevue The Penang Hill Hotel. Took us a while to decide what to eat...

The order below :-
1)  Chicken Chop with french fries.
2)  Set dinner with fried chicken and dolly fish.
3)  Set dinner with vegetables, chicken and dolly fish.
4)  Fired Rice with fried egg (Chef special)
5)  Spring roll.

Chicken Chop with french fries

Set dinner A - Fried chicken, Dolly Fish with rice

Set Dinner B - Chicken, vegetables and Dolly Fish with rice

Fried Rice (Chef Special)

Spring roll

Overall the foods were just ok, average. Nothing to shout about it, expected. But the Spring roll was unexpectedly delicious! Honestly, the environment is much more comfort compare the foods serve by the restaurant...and also we didn't put a high expectation on the foods, but just to enjoy the dinner on 720 meter above sea level! That's Great!

The damage of the dinner : MYR129.00 included drink for 4 adults 1 child.

Despite the poor quality foods, we still enjoy having our dinner at the restaurant especially the night view of Georgetown, Penang.

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