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Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Night View Of Georgetown, Penang

We had a walk on the Hill after our dinner. After all, that was the purpose staying on this hill! :) It was good to feel the Fresh air and also good for digestion.

When we stepped out the hotel, the time was 9.30pm. That means all the peoples who work on the hill have gone down hill with the last train which left on 9.15pm. The Penang Hill at that moment was very quiet and Peaceful! There were less than 20 peoples hanging around on the hill....
NO wonder, not many visitor like to stay on the hill, because I can't even enjoy a cup of Teh Tarik after 9.15pm! My goodness!!

I just pulled out my tripod somewhere close to the station where I can get very nice view of Georgetown, Penang. It was really a good time for practicing the night shoot cause less distraction. I was trying with my kit lens and the 55-250mm IS Telephoto lens.

Georgetown and Butterworth night view from Penang Hill
I'm using the kit lens mounted on the cheap tripod for the photo above. Personally, quite like it!

Komtar night view from Penang Hill
I was quite disappointed the photo above, because of the blur focus. Even the lens was on manual focus! I found out the reason lately from the DCM magazine, said...normal or cheap tripod is not good enough to handle Telephoto Lens. OH! I miss the perfect moment! Should I go back again with another better tripod?!

 Penang Bridge night view from Penang Hill - captured by kit lens

Twisted, turning and snapping for more than an hour, till my eyes are getting blur from the 'viewfinder'...we lazily walked back to the hotel. We were smart enough to bought few cans of Tuborg beer to keep us company for the night...but...the lights were off at the hotel except the corridor, I felt a bit down cause seems like the situation force us to sleep as early as 10pm?! Oh! We were on holiday!

Luckily, the guy who stand-by night shift was very kind to on the lights for us at the garden area and let us enjoy our beer! We were happy with the arrangement and satisfied with their services. At that moment, we were the only group and felt like Own that area temporary! Haha!

The garden area with all the spot-light on

We chatting at the hut at the most right of the garden (if you notice it from my previous post) for the whole night with the company of this (below) and the beautiful night view of Penang....

Our bucket of Tuborg beer

The temperature getting cold & colder after midnight, it started to drop from 22°C to18°C. We finished our beers in a minute and jump into the blanket! That's cold weather end our Day 1 at Penang Hill.

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