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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Penang Hill 2010, Penang

After the simple breakfast from the hotel, we continue our journey on the 2nd day on Penang Hill...

Tourists were everywhere when we stepped out the hotel. One of the popular spot where tourist love to take a rest is this...
You won't miss this small fountain if you happen to be there.

The small fountain at Penang Hill

The hawkers at the food court not yet open...seems like their business hour are short?!

The Food court of Penang Hill

Our plan was suppose to walk all the way to the Penang Hill Canopy Walk, the distance is about 2km. Suddenly, I noticed this tourist buggy! Yeepee! We no need to walk anymore! Otherwise the total journey will be around 4km!

We picked the other buggy which was able to take 4 persons in one trip, the friendly uncle named Jimmy Koh was our humour tour guide along the way...The charges was MYR30.00 per trip. We didn't really check it out weather is worth it or not, after all...support the local tourism isn't a bad thing!

Jimmy was a experience tour guide and he has been staying on the hill for more than 50 years...and I like the way he drove the buggy...slow and steady...haha!

The alley on Penang Hill

You can walk if you like to...because you can have a rest along the way by the chairs...there were many of them...

This bunglow (below) was built on year 1926, it was vacation house for the British VIP. But today, some lucky guy bought over it and stayed with his family in this beautiful bunglow. According to Jimmy - our tour guide.

The bunglow (I called it a mansion) below is belong to a guy - Mr Lau. I'm not so sure who is it...

Bunglow belong to Mr Lau.

We passed by this rest area where I quite like it because of the location. You can have Nice view of Georgetown and other area of Penang.

Beside this rest area, there were something you might interested...haha!

Beware! It's is an Offense to feed the monkeys! Offenders will be fined! 
(Wondering how much the fine is...)

Staircase to the jungle paradise!

And I spotted this beautiful Antique Post Box along the alley.

This colonial era post box, made in UK from cast iron by A. Handyside & Co Ltd during the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was originally erected near the Beach Street fire station. It was presented by Pos Malaysia to the Penang Hill Residents' Association in 2005.
Similar post boxes are still in use in Malaysia.

You will notice there are many alley to the private bunglow along our journey...

And among all these bunglow, there are many colonial structures like the picture below...

15 minutes later on the buggy ride, we had reached the entrance of the 'broken' Canopy Walk' of Penang Hill. Maybe the repair cost is sky high, that's why the government is KIV the repair job! What a waste! The walk along the suspension bridge will explore the beauty of the nature of the jungle to all visitor! Just pray hard that the Canopy Walk will be re-open to public on my next visit.

The trail head of the Canopy Walk

The Suspension Bridge of Penang Hill

The Odd looking tree around the area

During the stop at the Canopy Walk area, I also noticed there was a road at the downside...the funny part was, even a name for the road! 'Tunnel Road West'.

That road was connected to a bunglow nearby, wow! What a Hidden Treasure! But we cannot go into the bunglow area because of 4WD is needed!

After the Buggy ride, we had a walk again around the Penang Hill area before we check-out from the hotel...

The First Indian Temple of Penang Island

I had another B & W photo which taken 30 years ago at same place...
but that time was on the glass...

The First Generation of the Funicular Train of Penang Hill. 
The first cabin is Reserve for British VIP. Not fair isn't it?

While we check-out at the hotel, one of the staff there sharing the info of this colonial building...The First Hotel of Penang Hill, but it's a abandon building today...oh! What a waste again!!

The First Hotel of Penang Hill during thr British Era

The Penang Hill Funicular Train service will be temporary cease operation from 22nd Feb 2010 onwards until further notice. Due to the major upgrading project on the train, there will be no stop (change train cabin) on the halfway after the upgrade, according to the news. (Presently, you need to change to another train cabin during the journey to reach the summit of the hill.)
I think we were the Lucky group of 2010...

It's Times Up! We had to say Bye-Bye to Penang Hill! We will see you again next year! (Hopefully...)

Got down from the hill and searching for our Favorite Penang Assam Laksa....!

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