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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Indian Show and Animal Musical Parade at A'Farmosa, Malacca

After our dinner, we proceed to the show area and waiting for the Red Indian Show & Animal Musical Parade at Cowboy Town of A'Farmosa.

Waiting for the Red Indian Show

The show started at 8.30pm. You will see there were four (4) Red Indians standing in the middle of the passageway. Some kind of starting ceremony...

The Chief of the Red Indian was continue playing the fire show for the whole night! As you can see from my follow photos...

Initially, everyone were curious on what he did, but after 10 minutes...I saw most of the visitors felt boring about it...Too bad, I think this was the only thing he did for the night! Haha!
Follow by the group fire performance.

The Red Indian group performance

The Red Indian Show last about 45 minutes, then the audiences have 5 minutes break time for their Ice-scream...

The Ice-scream stall...

I keep alert of this gate on my left and waiting for the Cowboy for photography. But when they ran out, I couldn't snap a good pictures of it! :(

They had made the show really interesting during the Animal Musical Parade. I noticed the curious and happiness of my daughter face, I'm glad that we didn't waste our trip here!

The Cowboy of the Cowboy Town

The Red Indian

Follow by the animals...I had miss the chance to capture the group of Chickens and Ducks ran out from the gate...they were too fast...

The elephant group

The Tiger

After the animals, there were groups and groups of peoples continue on the parade to celebrate Christmas! It was a Great Atmosphere!

The fake snow machine in actions!

They also invite the visitors to play some games and provided some goodies for them...

After the show end, the fireworks continue and last for about 15 minutes...so beautiful!!

The Fireworks at Cowboy Town, A'Farmosa

The show was Great and Interesting! My daughter and  my wife were enjoyed the show very much!!

The Red Indians still continue their performance at the 'Fun-fair' area until midnight! You won't have a chance to miss the show at all! haha!

My daughter was enjoying the Fun-fair ride in the till midnight. But the ticket was a bit expensive compare with other ride within Malaysia. (MYR4.00 per ride)

We were there till 12.30am, the town was still crowded when we left...

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