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Monday, March 29, 2010

Chew Chuen Dim Sum at Butterwoth

Chew Chuen Dim Sum (N5 24.364 E100 22.318) is the Biggest Chain Dim Sum outlet at Butterworth, and this outlet we visited was the first shop where the business started. The shop is located at Tingkat Bagan Baru 1 at Bagan, Butterworth and it has outdoor and indoor session. It always crowded with peoples in the morning until almost noon...

We chose the outdoor session to avoid heat that circular within...

The indoor area of Chew Chuen Dim Sum

The outdoor area of Chew Chuen Dim Sum

The reason I can understand why so many customers like to visit Chew Chuen is because they have many varieties! As you can see from the photos below...

Customers like to choose what they love to have...

Inside the cabinet

Beside the Dim Sum, you also can have some standard dishes or Congee (粥) from the shop.

Standard dishes from Chew Chuen Dim Sum

The Mobile Congee (粥) supply from Chew Chuen Dim Sum

When we walked over to order the Dim Sum, me & my brother just took the main plates like : 'Siu-mai' (燒賣), 'Ha-gau' (蝦餃), 'Char-Siu-bau' (叉燒包) and others...

Turnip (Carrot) Cake (萝卜糕) My favorite and it's a must for me...

Beside the main Dim Sum, we also order some site dishes, like...(below)

Taro dumpling (芋頭糕) (My dad used to buy this dumplings for my breakfast...)

Fried Turnip (Carrot) Cake

We also had some of the Fish-ball, Phoenix Talons (鳳爪), Egg Tart (蛋撻) and....
The Dim Sums somehow were good and tasty! But some of my friends told me about their Heavenly Perfect Dim Sum, I felt it's just over-rated...

The Damage was MYR37.00 for 4 adults and 1 child. It was a Reasonable price!
Of course you cannot compare the quality with the Ipoh Dim Sum, but if happen to be at Butterworth and you think like have a bite if the 'Siu-mai', don't mind visit The Chew Chuen Dim Sum.

Rated : 4/5

Location map of Chow Chuen Dim Sum at Butterworth

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