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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Resort World - Casino at Sentosa Island, Singapore

The Resort World (N1 15.371 E103 49.233) is located at the Sentosa Island of Singapore. We visited the resort on 27th Feb 2010, the eve of Chinese Chap Goh Meh. The area was crowded with visitors and tourist!

"Resorts World Sentosa is the first integrated resort in development stages on the island of Sentosa, off the southern coast of Singapore. The key attractions include one of Singapore's two casinos, a Universal Studios theme park and the world's largest oceanarium. The S$6.59 billion (US$4.93 billion) integrated resort is developed by Genting International, the overseas investment arm of the Genting Group. The mammoth resort occupies over 49 hectares (121 acres) of land and, when fully open, will employ more than 10,000 people directly.

The soft launch of the first four hotels took place on 20 January 2010, with the FestiveWalk shopping mall following on February 1. The casino opened on 14 February the first auspicious day of the Chinese New Year." Source from Wiki.

The journey was smooth from JB to Sentosa Island, Singapore. When we reached the island, the indication signage navigate us perfectly towards the parking area of the Casino. The area was really Huge and parking lots were clearly display on the LED signage! Great!
Because of Chinese New Year season, we have to parked our car quite far away from the Resort World entrance...that easily 400-500 meter away! Oh!

The Huge parking area of Casino - Resort World Sentosa

Direction guide and indications

It took us about 10 minutes to walk to the entrance, you will notice the area is really packed with peoples and vehicles...

The entrance to the Casino

The Red lantern decorations were everywhere once you step in to the building.

The Lantern decoration of the Casino of Singapore

Long queue for purchasing the Levy

Every Singaporean and Singapore PR Must purchase the Levy - SGD100.00 for 24 hours to entering the Casino. That's why I heard many of them complaints that...they already Lost before the gambling start! :)

The Management is well manage at the entrance of the Casino. Foreigner and Singaporean are enter in seperate lanes, the officers will seriously check on the ID card or Passport!

There was a Huge crowd during our visit at the main entrance...

The main entrance to the Casino

Before you step into the Casino, there was a Lamborghini Gallardo (correct me if I'm wrong) display on the stage! Wah! She was so Beautiful!

Lamborghini Gallardo

The last decoration before I entering the Casino

The Casino's main hall was quite big and Smoking is Not allow. If you are smoker, you need to walk till the end of the hall and turn right, another session for smoker is prepared. The food court in the Casino is operate 24 hours, for gamblers to fill up their stomach and back to the table! :)
All drinks inside the Casino were F.O.C., I had few cup of coffee there too! Haha!

NO Photography in the Casino! I know the rules had been implemented on every Casino, but I just trying my luck! But too bad...

After explored the Casino, we went out to search for more surprise...
There were many escalators for visitors to explore to another session of the building...I love the colour lining decorated at the escalators!

The escalators from Casino

After climbed up from the escalator, we reached another entrance to the Resort World Casino. This was more presentable compare with the one from the parking area. I believe this was the Main Entrance for The Casino!

The Main Entrance to the Casino

I like this huge lighting at the entrance

Both side of the Casino entrance are connected to different Hotels in Resort World Sentosa, I will continue sharing the photos of them in my next post...

Map location of Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.

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