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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

There are two roll of shops at you both direction when you stand at the Main entrance of the Casino, but all of them are closed when we were there...
We moved to the right, it's direct you to the Festive Hotel.

The shops located at both direction

Beautiful lighting

The lobby of Festive Hotel was crowded. Maybe because seems like the only hotel allow visitors to hang around the lobby area...I didn't check out the room rates, but you can reach them by click here.

The lobby of Festive Hotel, Sentosa

Nice decoration

It would be nice having a mug of beer at the cafe area...

The Cafe (or Bar) of Festive Hotel

Beside that, we also discovered this...

The King of Pop - Micheal Jackson

One of the shop along the way...

Then we walked by from the same path that we came, and follow to another path which was full of branded shops at both side...
We were attracted by the 2 naked statue at the hall, and it's 18X! Haha! Some parents explaining to their kids about what was 'That'?! Interesting!

The attractive statues

There were another 3 paths branch out from here...First will be the Festive Walk, Michael Hotel and Crockfords Towers.
The 2 hotels are not allow public to step-in, Only for guest. So I did not manage to snap any photos about it...the Only way we could proceed was the Festive Walk.

Entrance to Michael Hotel

The entrance of the Festive Walk of Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Before we entering the Festive Walk, the car which was parked at the entrance attracted me! It's another Lamborghini Gallardo! Not only one but...4 of them! She was Beautiful!


It will be nice if I come earlier...The area was huge (Festive Walk)! I believe there will be many beautiful lighting around the area...isn't it?

The Festive Walk of Resort World Sentosa

Direction Signage

Lake Of Dream at Festive Walk 
(But there was no dream at all when we were there...too late...)

Unique design

The Trademark of Universal Studio

The Entrance of Universal Studio

Universal Studio Singapore was open on 18th March 2010. But it was not ready yet when we were there...What a Miss!!

Alternative entrance of the Sky Bar from Festive Walk

Wondering the different between the Sky Bar of Singapore and the Sky Bar of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?!

Pillar of The Festive Walk

Since there was nothing at the Festive Walk (especially at that hour), we saw the staircase towards the rooftop when we entering the Festive Walk and decided to search for some surprise on it.

We were actually standing on top of the hall we passed by just now...(which have 2 statues). And the Huge  Purple Merlion really drag our attention which situated in front of us! Marvelous!

The Purple Merlion of Resort World

The beautiful lighting beside the Merlion

After about two hours explore the outdoor area, we went back to the Casino for a cup of cold drink because of the weather was too hot! That time was about 1am in the morning...and I curiously check out the traffic out there with a Surprised! It was still congested at the alley...
This is the Sleepless Resort of Sentosa, Singapore!

The traffic at the basement parking area at almost 2am

Before we left the Resort, we discovered the 'interesting scene' at the Festive Walk area...

They must the gamblers after a Serious 'fight' at the Casino who wanted to have some rest and Go back again! What do you think? (They can't be the tourists who cannot find a Hotel in this Resort.)
That is the scene where you can easily see it at Genting, Malaysia. :)

We will be visit the Resort World again in the future, and that definitely because of the Universal Studio of Singapore!

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