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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penang Bazaar at Penang Road, Penang

Penang Bazaar (N5 25.120 E100 19.899) is located along Penang Road opposite the Mydin Supermarket (it was Cathay Cinema 35 years ago).
Penang Bazaar

When I was a kid, I always follow my parent having their shopping this Penang Bazaar in the late 70s. I can only remember my Mom keep on remind me :"Don't touch this, don't touch that...". Haha! Those day...
Correct me if I'm wrong, this was One of the popular shopping area during the time. Maybe similar to a hypermart today...My Mom love to come here and my Dad will do his shopping in the next building - The Chowrasta Wet Market...
Today, the shops (or stalls) in this building mostly (90%) are selling fabric. It is different from those day, there were many type of stalls around...

Shops in Penang Bazaar
I walk around this area, and slowly recall my childhood memories...the building was not equip with Air-Con, so you can imagine the temperature in there...But...I didn't feel the heat at all, because I was concentrate on the surrounding...trying hard to remember where did I lost my toy car, and finally...I saw the dirty drain! My car was drop into that drain! And it still dirty today...haha!

Chowrasta Wet Market, Penang
The wet market was closed in the evening, beside the fish and other stalls, there were also some stalls selling daily necessity and food...

I found this food stall really colourful!

Hanging around for about an hour, we finally step out of these two building. Surprised, this chestnut stall still around!

The chestnut seller
Look at the Penang Road, it totally changed! One of the famous cinema - Cathay Cinema, became Mydin Supermarket today...

Penang Road

This area was really given me a comfort feeling, that I wanna sit beside the road (or at the Bus Stand), relax and look around for couple of hour...I can't tell the reason why...too bad I didn't have the chance to do it that day...

The location map of Penang Bazaar

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