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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sky Lounge Of Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru

The Sky Lounge is situated on 26th Floor of Grand Paragon Hotel, Century Garden - Johor Bahru. The company I attached with was held the Annual Dinner in the lounge on January 2010. That gave me a chance to explore the Highest Lounge in Johor Bahru for the moment!

The entrance of Sky Lounge, Grand Paragon Hotel

The dinner started about 7pm on that day, before that...some of my colleagues already enjoy their ice cold beer in the lounge. Alcohol is serve mostly for the local or foreign company when they celebrates their Annual Dinner. Even the Wine and Liquor were serve in the house, but I'm only enjoyed the Tiger Cold Beer...:)

The beer serve in 'Tower', during the 'Happy Hour', the charges is MYR108.00 and MYR128 after 'Happy Hour'.

And the foods served on that night was pretty delicious, they had Local food, Japanese food and International food...

The foods for the night :-

The local food and fruits

I Love the Japan Sashimi on the left!

I had this Roast Lamb a lot! My favorite! :)

There were Only 3 Lovely Ladies (waitress) serve the party in such a big Lounge on the Top of the Hotel...They did it well!

The Lovely waitress of Sky Lounge

Beside the foods and drinks, there was a Nice Red Piano display on the left of the stage. The performer play some nice song during the performance...

The RED Piano in the lounge

Another advantage of the lounge is...you can take the Johor Bahru city photo from the open air balcony! Because of the height of the Hotel, the vision is from Johor bahru City till Singapore. That was nice! I will share in my next post.

As usual, our colleagues and guests arrived about 8pm. Everyone were enjoy their food very much! Following with performer on the stage and lastly...the lucky draw. The First price was a 32" Sharp LCD TV! But I didn't get it...:)

I was attracted by the lighting in the lounge while others were busy with their foods....

There was a Cigar Bar at the right side of the lounge, if you are cigar lover, you will definitely love the environment!

Overall, we were satisfied with the services provided and also the foods. The dinner party end about 12 midnight and left some colleagues and guests chit-chatting until 3am in the morning! (I'm one of them...)

I'll be back again, not for the alcohol but for the spectacular night view of Johor Bahru!

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