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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Johor Bahru Night View from Sky Lounge, Grand Paragon Hotel - Johor Bahru

When I started to shot, the sky still bright and just about getting dark...So I have to snap as many as possible before everywhere lights up!
South west from Sky Lounge, this is Jalan Tebrau and the white building on the left is Crystal Crown Hotel of Johor Bahru.

The pink building is Pelangi Plaza. And the Busy junction is between Jalan Tebrau, Jalan Kuning and Jalan Harimau.

The South East of Sky Lounge. Where you can see Selesa Hotel and City Plaza. Johor Straits is at the back and Singapore is behind the Straits.

Zoom in view...where Sembawang of Singapore is behind the Johor Straits.

Time run fast and the buildings and vehicles are lights up partially...

The traffic was heavy on that Saturday evening at Jalan Tebrau.

Very soon, all cars were lights up! And Pelangi Plaza too!

The traffic condition still bad...

Same as Sembawang, Singapore.

Look at the traffic congested at the junction above and Jalan Tebrau below...

Jalan Abiad in the middle and Jalan Serampang on the left. At the end of the road is Leisure Mall of Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

All the photos above were taken (without tripod) from the outdoor balcony of Sky Lounge - Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru. I was standing there for more than 2 hours! Just cannot resist the beautiful Johor Bahru night view! Till that I heard someone calling from the lounge inside : "Hello friend!! Your beer getting Warm!" Haha! I had to step in the lounge to entertain my clients and also myself....I almost forgot it was actually my company Annual Dinner!

I will Definitely back again to shoot the Beautiful view of Johor Bahru! I will bring my tripod next time. Wanna join me?? :)

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