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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puteri Harbour at Kota Iskandar, Nusa Jaya - Johor

Puteri Harbour (N1 24.667 E103 39.380) is located at Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya - Johor (Near to Gelang Patah town). We visited this Harbour on a Saturday for our photography session.

"Puteri Harbour is the jewel of Nusajaya. This waterfront precinct, is an integrated waterfront and marina development that spans 688 acres offering a panoramic view of the Straits of Johor. Puteri Harbour redefines luxury living and offers boundless real estate benefits to the astute investor. Located adjacent to Kota Iskandar (Johor state new administrative centre), Puteri Harbour will be a unique luxurious lifestyle community, offering the experience of exceptional waterfront living, dining, entertainment, the arts and culture in a safe and picture postcard natural setting." Source from here.

The info center or reception at Puteri Harbour

The area is open for public, and we were pleasantly snapping our photos without any restriction. Once you walk pass the reception area, you will entering an open area with full of coconut tree! A Tropical smell! :)

Right side of the building (The architecture is done by Philip Cox)

There's a cafe located at one of the end of the building. Nice environment, it's Nice to relax yourself in the cafe with a Ice Cold Beer in this Hot weather.

The cafe at the Puteri Harbour buidling

We were continuing pressing our camera shuttle until we walked to this point to have a rest...
Let me share some photos around our first pit stop...:)

The S.O.S. station

We continue to walked after a short break, the path lead us to the end of the Marina bay...along the way, we spotted many yacht (in all size) were docking side-by-side....

This Yacht is for sale...wondering how much??

This was the Biggest Yacht we spotted at Puteri Harbour at that moment

Do you know what is this 'round thing' hanging on it??

A full view of the Puteri Harbour from the end of the Marina Bay

The Harbour is protected under the Security Surveillance System. You will notice the CCTV cameras are everywhere! Yes, you are being monitored! :)

The CCTV Surveillance System at Puteri Harbour 

The friendly Security Guard during patroling the Marina area...

I noticed the sitting area are design and build by the Theme of 'Wave'. Correct me if I'm wrong...

Please don't bring your children here to playing and running around, it's not allowed by the authorities and the other Main reason is...there is NO railing along the promenade...kids might easily fall into the water! Beware!

I cannot imagine that...what if I own a yacht and I can easily sail to anywhere around the World?! Oh! What a good life! Dream it rather than NO dream! Haha! Will working towards this one of the goal, who knows One day my dream might come true? :)
There were many ad about the selling the used Luxury Yachts at the building...
Tempted but cannot do anything...haha!

The advertisement about used Luxury Yacht

Friend who shoot like a Pro.

The above photos were taken by Canon EOS 450D with ND Filter.

Location map of Puteri Harbour of Johor.

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