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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another visit to Glutton Street of Muar town, Johor.

We came to this Glutton street (N2 02.811 E102 34.123) of Muar a few times but just didn't snap some photos of the foods we had until this trip...

The street was busy as usual every day when you pass by...we had to parked our car quite so distance from the street. Noted the first building (corner unit) was under renovation or maybe re-furnish, hope they will preserve the colonial architecture...(that was on November 2009) Wondering how's it's look like now?

The Glutton Street of Muar

Initially we wanted to dine in the corner kopitaim (which was my favorite shop) but there were not many stalls available during that time, because it was almost 3pm...

The corner kopitiam at Glutton Street

The Famous Roasted Pork stall still operating...

Therefore we decided to try on the second 'kopitiam' which selling the Duck rice/noodle.

The Duck rice/noodle stall on the second shop

I ordered the Stewed Duck noodle immediately, and it was serve on table in a minutes!

Stewed Duck

The noodle (dry type)

And my wife ordered the Fried Carrot cake (菜頭粿) from the stall in-front of the shop...

The Fried Carrot Cake hawker along Glutton Street

The Fried Carrot Cake

I'm satisfied with the Stewed Duck Noodle but Disappointed about the Fried Carrot Cake!

Anyway, I think it's all because of the Historical reason...where many peoples live and grow from the street (or maybe within the vincity), they are so familiar with the foods taste here! It doesn't matter how, that are their childhood taste! That will be same as myself...

We had a walked around the street after our meal. Found another back alley also full of hawker stalls, "We will be back again!" I told my wife. Haha!

The back alley with full of hawkers

Lastly, spotted this 'Traditional Barber shop' along the street...

Traditional Barber Shop

Location map of Glutton Street of Muar Town

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