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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Jetty of Malacca

The Jetty (N2 11.205 E102 14.870) of Malacca (Melaka) is located behind the Holiday Inn Hotel. You will notice the hotel while driving on Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, but you can see The Jetty unless you drive to the back of the Hotel.

The entrance of 'The Jetty'

We visited the area on one Saturday night, and this place was actually a Night Life Entertainment area! Where you can see many youngsters hanging around...

The long jetty is occupied with Pubs, Clubs, Lounges, KTV and restaurants....it's about 400 meter from end to end. If you think it's too long to walk, there was a tram which carry visitors from start until the end of The Jetty.
But I prefer to walk and come back with the tram...

Along the way, you can see the 'Eye of Malaysia' on the other side (during our visit), but I'm not sure about now...too bad I didn't bring my tripod to take a few shots of the Wheel.

Crowded within the main entrance during the weekend.

You will definitely LOVE this place if you like to hang around the Pubs!
Actually it's nothing much for us...or maybe I'm not suitable or maybe I'm too old...haha!
We left The Jetty of Malacca after we had some light food at the food court area...

One of the Bar at The Jetty, Malacca

Location map of The Jetty of Malacca

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