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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Authentic Nyonya Cuisine - Chicken (Ayam) Pongteh from June's Kitchen

Chicken Pongteh (Ayam Pongteh) : "A chicken stew cooked with tauchu or salted soy beans and gula Melaka. It is usually saltish-sweet and can be substituted as a soup dish in Peranakan cuisine."

This dish serve in June's Kitchen is different from what I had it at Malacca. The ingredient is prepared by the lady boss and it fantastically tasty!

We ordered this Chicken Pongteh for the third times, and it never fail us! They  maintain the standard very well! I like the delicious gravy, it was so special! I rated 4.8/5 for this Ayam Pongteh from June's Kitchen.

If you like Nyonya food, do try it if happen at Taman Permas Jaya area, you won't regret!

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