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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pasta Vongole from Thamara Cafe, Johor Bahru

Pasta Vongole was a weekend special from Thamara Cafe which is located at Taman Bukit Indah of Johor Bahru.
The dish was mixed with Pasta, clams and white wine. During that time, it was only MYR10.00 with full of clams in it! (The word 'vongole' is an Italian word that means clams.)

Paste Vongole from Thamara Cafe

The Pasta was smooth and flavorful with white wine and the clams were succulent! That was another special dish that I ever tasted before! Too bad they had discontinued the dish because of not serving wine to their customers anymore!

Well, I had search around Johor Bahru area and couldn't find this pasta at all from other restaurant! I missed it very much! Hopefully the Chef will continue to serve to their customer one day...just hope...:)

Thamara Cafe
14, Jalan Indah 16/7,
Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +6012-7373103 / +6016-7171343
Business hour : 11AM - 10PM (Close on Monday)

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