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Monday, August 16, 2010

Danga Bay Night Photography

These are some photos I took at Danga Bay (N1 28.613 E103 43.336) during night and would like to share with you. We parked our car at the Theme Park area and the Beach Club just beside...

The Theme Park of Danga Bay, Johor Bahru.

The Beach Club of Danga Bay

During that time, the Danga Cruise 8 was about to leave...

The Danga Cruise 8

I haven't taste the buffet offer by the Cruise yet, maybe one of these day might wanna try out...
By walking towards the left side, we saw many yachts docking at the bay...

I wish I have one of this...

Follow by...The Leaf food court (previously). But it seems like turn into some restaurant...

Hanging around the area for about an hour, while on the way back...I capture this lovely scene below!

Among all the objects and building in Danga Bay, the lighting below is my favorite! Too bad it was blur taken :(

The Lighting of Danga Bay

The Tune Hotel at Danga Bay was my last shoot before heading back home...
You can get more information of the hotel from the Tune Hotel website.

*  All the photos above are taken by Canon EOS 450D.

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