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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Johor Bahru Art Festival@Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, June 2010 (Part 1)

The Johor Bahru (JB) 7th Art Festival was held at the space behind Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, Bukit Timbalan - Johor Bahru. It was started on 29th June till 24th July 2010. Different programs everyday, and we visited the place on 12th July 2010 night was because of the Diabolo performance and Lion Dance.

The stage was nicely arranged, and it was also a farewell dinner for one of the VIP in Johor Bahru that night. Below are the photos of the night...

The farewell dinner and the stage of Art Cultural Show

Lighting for the stage performance

The peoples there were friendly enough to invite us for the dinner together, but we refused because we wanted to take photograph of the show...:)

After the opening speech of the MC, the First show of the night was the Ang Klung performance by Mr Max. It was a special musical instrument made from bamboo.

Max was ready for the show

Concentration on his instrument

Mr Max - The Ang Klung Performer

He played many numbers of today pop song that night, and it was really Nice!

Follow by the Culture Dance...

Cultural Dance of JB Art Festival

The above photos were from The Malaysia Multi Racial Cultural Dance Performances of Johor Bahru Art Festival 2010. 
The Official Website of JB Art Festival 2010 is here.

The Diabolo Performance will be continue in Part 2...
I would like to blog about this event in 2 parts because of too many photos...:)

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