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Friday, August 06, 2010

Johor Bahru Art Festival@Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, June 2010 (Part 2)

After the Cultural Dance of Johor Bahru Art Festival 2010, the show continue with the Diabolo (Chinese Yo-yo) Performance. Diabolo formerly also known as "The Devil on 2 sticks". You can read more of the Diabolo here.

The show started with the girls group

Twist and turn!

Follow by boy & girl

The intsructor - Lau

Out of sudden, all of them ran out from the stage and continue to performed outside the stage! Oh! They need a bigger space to have a group performance! During that time, we saw all the Diabolo fill up the sky! It were everywhere crossing on top of your head! Haha!

The performance last about an hour and the stage continue with some Cultural Dance again until almost midnight!

The Lion Dance Performance of that night was Canceled without notice!

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