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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A morning without Sunrise at Desaru Beach, Johor

Suddenly I had a urge to snap the Sunrise of Desaru beach on the next morning of our short vacation. So I woke up around 6am, and strolled around the Pulai Desaru Resort, breath in the morning fresh air...it was totally dark at the pool side...(around 6.15am)

When I walked to the beach area, surprised! There were few resort guests waiting for the Sunrise too! I found one of the comfort corner and started to get my tripod ready for it. (I was lucky enough by not attack from any sand fly that morning!)

It was a misty morning, and I started to have bad feeling...I might not see the Red Ball! Yes! I was right, when the sky started to bright up, I can't find the Red Ball! Even I'm facing the right direction (East)...OH! Not again...
End up, I have to snap the surrounding of the beach without a choice...

The Rocks in front of me...Desaru Beach (about 6.50am)

Couple ramble romantically at the beach...

I only be able to caught this around 7.15am...(below)

And the weather was still misty on my left...So I walked back with disappointment and had my breakfast at the Windows Cafe from the resort...

A Misty morning at Desaru Beach

I went back to the room for sleep again after the nice and simple breakfast provided from the resort...
Why the Red Ball is so shy to show it's face?!

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