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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd visit to Riverside Seafood Restaurant at Kota Tinggi, Johor.

After let the kids having their fun at the resort on the next day morning and some 'jungle monkey disguise' around the area...we say bye-bye to Pulai Desaru Resort and follow by our lunch at this Riverside Seafood Restaurant (N01 43.547 E103 54.733) along Kota Tinggi road. (The restaurant was moved to the opposite since my last visit)
It's a very simple setup for this seafood restaurant.

The Riverside Seafood Restaurant of Kota Tinggi

There were only 2 tables occupied that time maybe because lunch time was over...so we placed our order immediately.

The order :-
1)  Fish Head steamboat (Signature dish)
2)  Claypot chicken
3)  Sambal Squid (sotong) (my favorite)
4)  Ginger duck
5)  Vegetables

Fish Head steamboat (Signature dish)

Claypot chicken

Sambal Squid (sotong)

Ginger duck


Our purpose here was to taste the Fish Head Steamboat. It might not the Best in Johor, but I like the herbal soup with chili. The soup was yummy and spicy mixed with the fish head! The Ginger duck was really special, it cooked well and the taste quite similar with the wild boar. The chickens and the sambal squids were delicious too! We had a great lunch in the restaurant!

The Damage was MYR120.00 included drinks for 8 adults and 2 children. It was really reasonable!

You can enjoy the Firefly tour package after having dinner in the restaurant at night, wasn't it sound good? Drop by if you pass by.

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