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Friday, September 17, 2010

Firefly Valley Leisure Park at Kota Tinggi, Johor. (Part 1)

The Firefly Valley Leisure Park (N1 42.162 E103 54.801) is located at the riverbank of Kota Tinggi River (Johor River). The entrance is situated about 3km after the junction of the road to Kota Tinggi Town and Kota Tinggi Bypass road, you will be notice by the big signage of the Park, you have to continue on the unpaved road for about 2km to reach the Firefly Valley Leisure Park.
You can have a few of dinner package withing the Park, and all the package are 100% No Pork & Beef. I will brief through the dinner package in Part 2.

The daytime entrance fee is MYR1.00 (10am - 6pm). Doesn't it sound good? :)

Firefly Valley Leisure Park of Kota Tinggi

Once you enter the park, there was a bridge just right in-front of you! That's the entrance to the Rabbit's Farm.

Entrance to the Rabbit's Farm

You have to walk across this timber bridge to the farm. And the farm was actually an island surrounded by water...named - Love Island.

The bridge to the Rabbit's Farm

The rabbit's farm of Firefly Valley Leisure Park

I took many photos in the farm. There were many rabbits there and also ducks, turkeys and others small animals...

I'm having a rest...

What did you say??

Cuties Black and White

Hey! How are you?

Mr and Mrs Ducks were everywhere...

I was wondering the communication language between rabbits and the ducks?! No matter how...I still cannot understand! :)

Hey! Someone is shooting at us!

Beside the rabbits and the ducks, there were also unique birds are staying on the Love Island.

And Iguanas too...

Iguanas of Firefly Valley Leisure Park

After making friends with all these small animals in the Love Island, I started to walk around the park...the dining area is located on the right side. I like the area very much because it just next to the stream...

On the left, there is the children playground...

Nice and Clean washroom located in between...

The Firefly area was located after the playground, and it's just beside the riverbank...

This wooden walkway is about 50 meter long...

This is also the Monkeys area. Can you see the monkey?

And another area to enjoy Firefly is the Jetty area...(the kids were very excited about the area)

The Kota Tinggi River (Johor River)

Another view of the Firefly Valley Leisure Park

The Friendly Lady Boss of the Park - Mrs Tan

I spent about an hour at the riverbank area because of the peaceful feeling...it was a wonderful place for family outing and also for photography...but the weather was humid, that's usual along the river...

At the other end of the park, there was a timber bridge and both side full of fishes! Well, I gotta blog about it in the next post (Part 2).

In case you are lost...

I was there with my family and another friend - Ben (Slice Of Life) for our wonderful dinner in the park. Photos of the dinner will be share in my next post...

The Firefly Valley Leisure Park of Kota Tinggi, Johor.

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