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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Firefly Valley Leisure Park at Kota Tinggi, Johor. (Part 2)

Continue from Part 1...

At the end on the right of the Park, there was a timber bridge where you can enjoy the fish along the both side of the bridge. This was where the Fish Farm located.

The Fish Farm of Firefly Valley Leisure Park

The Fish Farm was full of Koi

Beside the Koi, there were many type of fishes around but I do not know their names...you can check it out yourself. :)
Walked along the bridge, you will notice the 'Water Wheel' which was in still position and not rotate, I just request at the counter area and the 'friendly' boss - Mr Tan turn the generator On immediately for pumping the water to the wheel and it started to rotate...Thanks Mr Tan. :)

The Water Wheel before it starts to rotate...

The water splash out after the generator was turn on...the water move the big wheel!

And this was what we got after it turns, shooting at slow shuttle - 2 sec without tripod.

There were many ducks and geese swimming around the area happily! Well, I note they do have meeting within themselves...Haha!

Their meeting was about to start...

The path will lead you back to the dining area where I saw some of the groups had started their BBQ dinner preparation...So we have to get ourselves ready for the our dinner too!

We had 12 persons and 2 children that night, so we choose the Dinner Package (minimum 10 pax) instead of BBQ dinner...

Our table...

Just opposite the Jetty, I'm just wondering why nobody row that boat?!

Before the dinner serve, we had a few cans of Carlsberg Beer (MYR7.00 per can) here...

The dinner served Sharp on 7pm, this was follow our request. The dishes were all in the package and we didn't chose the dishes as we like...(but I believe they be able to customize the dishes)



Steam Fish


Bean curd - Tou-fu


Omelette - Complimentary from the boss - Mr Tan

We were really enjoy the dinner and everyone were satisfied with the dishes served by the Park. The Cook was the elder son of the Boss.
We spent almost 1 hour 30 minutes to enjoy the dinner in this beautiful environment! When almost 9pm, they informed us that the Fireflies had wake up and it's time to enjoy the view at the riverbank!

During watching the Fireflies, Mr Tan elder's son was explaining everything about the fireflies! You can ask any questions and he will answer it from A-Z! Great!
There are about 30 types of Firefly in Malaysia, those which we see along the riverbank are in the smaller size, where else you can find more bigger size Firefly in the jungle. The life span of Firefly is merely about 3 weeks and they are staying at the root of one type of the Mangroves Tree (fireflies of river type). The fireflies will stop blinking around 10pm everyday, because they need to recharge! Haha!
The Best time to view the Fireflies is after rain! If it rain in the afternoon, that will be the Best day to visit the park!
These are knowledge that I learned from him...

I cannot get a good photos (even with tripod) that night due to my poor skills...:(
Below is the only photos you can see some fireflies blinking...too bad there was no background light to enhance the photo...

Fireflies along the riverbank. The photo taken about 9pm

The park is manage by Tan's family and some workers who stay and guided the park during night time. It is Well maintained and Clean. I Love the environment very much! According to Mr Tan (the owner), the visitors can setup their tents and camping inside the park when the electric supply from TNB come in (currently they are using generator during night time) probably end of 2010. And he will built some simple chalets in the park to let the visitors who wanna put a night in the park. I believe that will be Great for nature lover! And we will definitely visit again!

If you are visiting the Park on the night time just to watch the Fireflies, the entrance fee is MYR10.00 (without dinner). And if you like to have the dinner package, they will charge MYR15.90 for adults and MYR10.90 for children (age below 6). (6pm-10pm)

They have few packages for the dinner :-
1)  Steamboat (min. 6 pax)
2)  Buffet dinner (min. 10 pax)
3)  BBQ dinner (min. 6 pax)
4)  Dinner package (min. 10 pax adults)

You can chose any of it depends on the numbers of the group. You have to make a reservation of the dinner 2 days in advance before visit the Park. The telephone number for booking : 012-7833723/012-7896224 (Mrs Tan).

We hanged around the park until almost 10pm, till we finished all the beers and force us to say bye-bye to the Fireflies! :)

Nice and calm environment, this was where I had my beers! :)

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