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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar at Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru

Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar (N1 32.948 E103 47.165) is located at Jalan Austin Perdana 3/10, Taman Austin Perdana - Johor Bahru. This is the only Cocktail Bar at Johor Bahru for the moment.

The Colourful LED lighting decoration which made the place special and nice, probably the Only one at Johor Bahru too! At least I'm attracted! :)

The facade of Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar

The History of Wall Street & Bursa Malaysia

Read it if you are not sure what is 'Wall Street' or 'Bursa Malaysia'. :)

All the tables are light up with the Blue LED Lighting and the Bar Counter is decorated with the combination of Blue & Red LED.

The Bar Counter

It is a Nice environment to drinks and chat with friends. I Love the atmosphere!

The Feedback LCD is mounted before the Washroom

The owner of the Bar is accept every customers feedback, please do speak out your comments and you might be the lucky one to enjoy the Free drinks on the house! There is the poster of www.malfreemaps.com which is featured by the Bar hanging on the wall side-by-side with the screen.
Beside the indoor area, there's another outdoor session which is A Garden setting, many customers like this area, which is always full! :)

The Garden area of Wall Street Cocktail Bar

The Bar Counter, view from the Garden area

You will be Surprise when you go into the washroom...

There are 3 pretty ladies watching you when you pee....:) Haha!

There are many Nice posters hanging on the wall to make the environment more comfortable. I'm enjoyed reading each of them...

The poster on the wall...

Another Special of this Bar is, all the prices of the drinks are fluctuate like the Stock Market (operated by application software), where the name "Wall Street" came into the picture. There will be the max. and min. price and you can monitor it from most of the LCD screen in the Bar.

The LCD screen shows the current prices of the drinks.

Once you look at the screen, follow by Select your drinks...:)

Others than Brandy, Whiskey and Cocktail, they are also serve Beer, coffee and tea. I tasted the House Coffee which was very nice! We were invited by the Boss - Mr Freddy Tay for the soft opening, and he offered some Cocktails to us! Great! (But I'm not good in tasting the Cocktail...)
First, it was the B52 (Wow! On the flame!)

The B52 - Cocktail

Do you notice the Flame?

Then follow by the one jug of Long Island Tea...my goodness!

After tasted all the cocktail, I still went back to my favorite...Beer. :)

The Bar also provided Free internet service through Wi-Fi. It was pretty Fast! Try out yourself...

It was a Joyful night having our drinks at Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar.

Mr Freddy Tay (the owner) who busy setting up the computer during the Pre-market...

The Cocktail glass

This will be One Nice place for friend's gathering, business discussion with your clients or even celebrate your Birthday Party! Please visit the Wall Street Cocktail Bar with the Total New Concept of drinking place! (The restaurant at 1st floor will be operating somewhere in January 2011)

Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar
8, Jalan Austin Perdana 3/10,
Taman Austin Perdana, 81100 Johor Bahru.
Tel : +6016 722 5697

Location map of Wall Street The Restaurant & Bar at Johor Bahru.

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