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Friday, November 05, 2010

Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant at Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi Island

On the 3rd day early morning (our last day in Langkawi Island), I went to purchased the 5.30pm return Ferry ticket then proceed for our breakfast follow by shopping for whatever we haven't buy...

After everything settled, we check out from the Grand Continental Hotel from Kuah Town and headed to The Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant (N6 25.018 E99 51.793) for our lunch. (We were actually attracted by the name)

The Floating Restaurant is located at Kilim River which is at the East of Langkawi Island (You can refer to the picture of Google Earth here). The duration took about 20 minutes from Kuah Town to Kilim Jetty. Once we reached the Jetty, I made a call to the restaurant, and we waited for the boat transfer at the Jetty. (Please call the restaurant before you drive to the Jetty to make sure they are open, then call them again once you reach the Jetty. The boat transfer is Free Of Charge)

After about 10 minutes from the Jetty, we reached The Hole In The Wall Restaurant.

The Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant

The surrounding of the Restaurant was calm and cooling, like it very much! There were many yachts anchored within the river too! The restaurant was not crowded when we arrived, maybe because the lunch time was over. :)

The area is Clean and Tidy!

We were starving at that moment, quickly placed our foods order without wasting time!
Before the foods serve, the restaurant invited us to walk in their Fish Farm. Nice!

The Fish Farm of Hole In The Wall Restaurant

This fish farm was bigger and more organized compare with the One we visited yesterday. And the Show was same as every fish farm.

Stingray feeding...

The Excitement of the Ray...! :)

After 15-20 minutes, the waitress informed us that our lunch was ready and already served on the table!

Special Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice

Mango Salad

Baked Fish - Ikan Bakar

The food was Delicious!
I like the Special Fried Rice served with 3 big prawns and fried chickens, the fried rice was tasty! The Pineapple Fried Rice was nice with the presentation. Mango Salad was above average. We liked the Baked Fish very much!

We spent more than 2 hours to enjoy our lunch on the river because of the atmosphere. The Beautiful Scenery hold our legs to keep us stay longer...The air was cooling on the river even in the Hot sunny day...we Like it very much!

The Damage : MYR103.95 for 2 adults and 1 child included drinks. The charges was reasonable especially the environment. I will be back again!!

Rated : 4.8/5

Once we paid the bill, the boat was waiting to take us back to Kilim Jetty...(but you are allow to stay as long as you want)

We supposed to have some shopping before we leave Langkawi Island, just because we spent more than 2 hours at The Hole In The Wall Restaurant which was not in our schedule, so we had to catch our Ferry in time and forget about the shopping.
Once we reach the Langkawi Jetty, return the Red Isrrari and got our deposit back...we jumped into the Ferry and said Bye-Bye to Langkawi Island! We will see you again in next year! :)

The Hole In The Wall Restaurant
Tel : +604-9675301

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Location map of The Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant

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