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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival 2010 @ Macroview Care Centre, Taman Daya - Johor Bahru.

Macroview Care Centre was celebrated the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival on 2nd Oct of year 2010.

Nice Poster which sponsored by parent.

It was crowded with children & parents when we reached there about 6.30pm.

As usual, everyone was filling their stomach before the performance start....Nice foods by the parents and the care centre. I took twice! :)

Foods provided by the centre and the parents.

Before I could finish my foods, the performance started. Same as every year, the show was started from the youngest children from the Centre, and not to forget the Magic Show...

Follow by the popular Guitarist - Mr Marc from Macroview who participate every year to provide his Best of the Best for the everyone!

Marc did the fine tune before the performance...

Marc with his guitar!

Marc brought up the atmosphere surround and I heard Screaming everywhere! Wow!

During that time, the area was packed with peoples! But it was well manage by the Centre.

The Special Encouragement Award for the children and others...

The Encouragement given by the Macroview Care Centre

After the session, the Show continue...

The Band Of Tomorrow!

They got the Style! Haha!

The Special Guest of the night - Ms Wong, who had a Beautiful Voice!

Everyone was attracted by her voice

The performance session was ended after this cheerful young lady's dance! She was Hot! :) (It was the joyful moment of the night!)

After all the performances, it came to the session I like the Most! Every children started to light up their candles...
It was really heart-warming to see the children & their parents lighting the candles together!

Thanks to the teachers of Macroview Care Centre who made the event successful! Kudos!

The teachers of Macroview Care Centre

I like the atmosphere Very much and that's why I attend the event every year! Especially the innocent smiling faces everywhere in the Centre! :) One of my friend - Ben was with me that night, and you can view his photos here - Macroview Care Centre.
We left the Centre about 11pm, and some of the candles still lighting the place...Peace!

The Location map of Macroview Care Centre at Taman Daya, Johor Bahru.

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