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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MyWebfon - The VOIP Provider in Malaysia

Most of us carried our cellular phone when we travel or business trip out of home country, what type of phone service you always use?

Yes, I was using the mobile phone roaming services everytime when I'm away from Malaysia, but it's costly when I call home! I remember I called my wife's mobile phone from Indonesia and the airtime charges was MYR4.20 for 3 minutes! Wow! Until I found this Malaysia VOIP phone service call Mywebfon and the charges was ONLY RM0.13 per minutes! That's really save a lot money and provided with excellent voice quality! I like to call Singapore via MyWebFon without worry because it's ONLY RM0.07 per minutes! That's really save! Haha!
I can also apply a local DID number for MyWebFon VOIP account, but I ignore it because of the monthly charges and it does not really serve my purpose.

You can check the rates from the official website here : http://www.mywebfon.com

I use the third party application called Nimbuzz in my Nokia E71 to make call via MyWebFon with a Simple configuration through 3G or Wifi, all you need is the internet connection. Nimbuzz also provide application software for Iphone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile platform. No matter what mobile phone you are using, you can find the suitable application in Nimbuzz.

The Pros :-
*  Super Low rates
*  Good voice quality
*  Easy to use
*  No roaming & monthly service charges
*  Real time call record
*  Multiple lines with One account

The Cons :-
*  Must use 3rd party application on mobile phone (Troublesome!)
*  Have to monitor the credit everytime because no immediate top up. (It takes 1 to 2 hours after my credit card charge)
*  Cannot receive call via VOIP. (doesn't matter to me)

I will definitely recommend my friends (frequent traveler) to use this service if they can bear with the 3 disadvantages above. And it's just as easy as fill the form from the official website and charge your credit card for the minimum MYR30.00, then wait for your account to activate! And now if you mention 'J-Travel' when you purchase, you will get additional 10% airtime! Hurry! Grab it before the offer expire!

Beside mobile phones, they also provide SIP Trunk for Corporate Office which utilize their IPPBX Telephone System. Or you can install the ATA directly to your Keyphone or PABX System. They do supply the nice looking stand alone IP Phone - Yealink T20 for those small office without a Phone System. I suggest you contact the Sales Rep if you interested to have the VOIP services in your office.

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