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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ah Yong Restaurant at Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

Ah Yong Restaurant (N23.86494 E120.91155) is located along the street at Shuishe town. We were bought to this restaurant by our driver (Mr Yew) and all dishes are serve and cook in Ita Thao's recipes. Ita Thao is one of the Taiwanese Aborigines, we visited their village in the next day and I will blog about it later...

Ah Yong Restaurant

The restaurant is Famous with the fish below...

I don't know how to call it in English...

All dishes were ordered by our driver, and served on table very fast!
Before we start our dinner, the lady boss came to introduced every dishes from the restaurant...and she claimed that the fish (below) are only available in this restaurant, we can't get elsewhere in the whole of Taiwan! Really?!

The Special Fish of Ah Yong Restaurant

Mixed vegetables and mushroom

Pork Knuckle (Ita Thao recipe) DELICIOUS!

Cold Steam Chicken

Mushroom soup



All dishes were Delicious and I like it very much! Especially the fish, steam chicken and the pork knuckles! All of us satisfied with the Special recipes of Ita Thao and I MISS the taste Very Much!

If I will have a chance to visit Sun Moon Lake again, I will DEFINITELY dine in Ah Yong Restaurant!

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Location map of Ah Yong Restaurant at Suishe, Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

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